Broadening Horizons – Student presentations

I would like to thank some of my students for delivering presentations and thus, sharing their experiences in English-speaking countries with their peers.

Marc Satmarean (4b) spent a year in Arizona, where he attended an American high school. He particularly pointed out the differences between Austrian and American schools to his classmates and elaborated on what he liked and disliked about life in the U.S. in general. All in all, he concluded, it was a worthwhile experience.

Anna Fasching and Sarah Raffetseder, both from class 7ag, went on a two weeks’ language trip to Brighton in their summer holidays.  Judging from their most detailed account, they enjoyed every minute of it and benefited from their stay in England in numerous ways.

Finally, Anna Fasching, Sarah Raffetseder and Melissa Turcin (7ag) delivered a presentation on their school trip to Dublin to my 4b-students. They claimed that even if it was not a “holiday” – as they had to attend English classes – it was a most rewarding experience and they can only recommend visiting “The Emerald Isle”.

Dr. Ingrid Fischer