English Speaking Contest

On February 2nd 2017, 15 students took part in an English speaking contest at our school. The competition aimed at finding the most fluent speakers from the school, who would then be sent to the “Landeswettbewerb” in St. Pölten.

The participants had to perform two tasks: First, they were supposed to describe a picture to the jurors and the audience. Next, they were required to deliver a 3-minute presentation on a particular topic.

The jury, consisting of this year’s teaching assistant Joshua Reynolds and three English teachers, had to assess the students’ performances according to an oral assessment scale. As the students achieving top places scored really closely, it was particularly hard to come up with a fair ranking.

Yet Waidhofer Lisa from class 6b excelled in both tasks and emerged as the indisputable winner, convincing jurors and audience alike with her stunning presentations. Congratulations, Lisa, you carried the day!

The runner-up was Wieser Stefanie from class 8c, who especially impressed the jury with her natural and relaxed performance. Third place was shared by Hofstätter Niklas (7a) and Karjko Adela (8a), who were equally fluent in their talks, making it virtually impossible for the jurors to decide who did better.

We congratulate the winners and we thank all the other students for taking part in the contest and proving their excellent oral skills. We would also like to thank the jurors for their time, the Elternverein for sponsoring the event and the English teachers for organising and supporting the competition.

Dr. Ingrid Fischer