History lesson

On Monday the 4th of November and Tuesday the 5th of November the two classes 6AG and 6BGI had a history class in English. The topic of this lesson was “Reformation and Counter-Reformation”, a topic which had been done in German two weeks earlier. Here is some feedback from the students:

As in every lesson our history teacher, Mr.Rauchenbichler, walked into our class highly motivated. But something was different this time: he began to speak English. At first, we were really surprised because we didn’t expect him to speak English the whole time. But after a moment we got used to it. Our task in this lesson was to read an article about the Church Reformation. After that we had to do an interesting worksheet. At the end we watched a video, which summarized what we had learned in that lesson.

All in all, this lesson was very interesting for our whole class. In our opinion lessons like this one widen our horizon. We are looking forward to having more lessons like this one. (Kira, 6BGI)

I would say that this is a huge advantage for us. Firstly, we will be able to do some more research because of many sources in English!
Moreover, we increase our knowledge and especially the confidence to speak and discuss in English, which is a growing necessity in this modern, competitive life. (Shayan and Johannes, 6BGI)

Today, our history teacher, Mr. Rauchenbichler, did our history lesson in English. Therefore, he prepared some subject materials written in English for us. The whole lesson was very enjoyable because we are a language class and we especially enjoy speaking foreign languages. Finally, we would like to remark that lessons like these should be more common in the future. (Pati and Laura, 6AG)