Let’s go geocaching!

What do the following items have in common:  a GPS-unit, a logbook, coins, coordinates, a cache or box, travel bugs, a magnetic telescope stick and a telescope mirror or a multi tool?

Well, this is the gear you need for geocaching, a trendy free-time activity, which our students learn about in Unit 7 of their More 2 English book. And this is what Verena Schüller, currently studying at the University of Vienna, likes doing in her free time, alone or with her family and friends. And this is why she agreed to join class 2a in an English lesson, sharing her knowledge with the kids – in English of course.

Thank you very much, Verena ! It was really inspiring and who knows: we might meet you on a geocaching tour one of these days! All the best and good luck for your final exams!

And here is the website for all those who want to check this out on their own.


Mag. Michaela Eidlinger & Mag. Claudia  Aigner