Michigan meets Austria

As some of you may well know, Wagner Luca (2a) used to live in the USA with his family for two years and attended a local primary school in Anne Arbor, Michigan.

This is where he met another Luca, who – though two years his senior – was to become a good friend of his. In fact, both boys and their families have kept in touch and so Luca from Michigan spent his Easter break in Amstetten with Luca Wagner and his family.

And this is how the American Luca came to visit our school, attending classes in 2a for three days last week plus one in the 4bc English group, which Luca Wagner has been joining once a week since January.

After Luca Wagner and some classmates from 2a had shown their guest around our school, telling him all he needed to know, Luca Wagner alias Luca I presented Michigan with its Great Lakes, its auto industry and its famous sports stadiums whilst his friend Luca II talked about the middle school he’s attending, a privately run Christian Montessori school. After this the boys discussed various topics in small groups, including housing, family and school life, sports etc.

Educational systems may vary – yet there is one thing all teachers aim at :
We want to stun our students, to arouse their curiosity so as to help them gain new perspectives, comparing and assessing them and thereby reflecting on life.

Thank you, Luca I and Luca II for making this possible ! : )

Michaela Eidlinger, Claudia Aigner